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Wood Stains & Varnish Stains

Circa 1850 AQUA is a water-based wood stain made with the finest ingredients. It is formulated to highlight the natural grain of unfinished wood without the need for a pre-stain conditioner. Circa 1850 AQUA...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>AQUA Wood Stain
Circa 1850
AQUA Wood Stain
Circa 1850 Wood Conditioner is formulated to penetrate into the wood fibres to provide a uniform surface for staining. Circa 1850 Wood Conditioner prevents the blotching and spotting that results from...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Wood Conditioner
Circa 1850
Wood Conditioner
Circa 1850 Fine Wood Stain is designed to provide uniform staining on all unfinished interior wood surfaces. As a true oil-based stain, it highlights the natural grain of wood without causing any grain raise. As...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Fine Wood Stain
Circa 1850
Fine Wood Stain
Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil provides a beautiful hand-rubbed finish while protecting wood against spills and stains. It is recommended for use on all interior wood surfaces - including paneling, woodwork,...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Antique Danish Oil
Circa 1850
Antique Danish Oil
Circa 1850 Stain'n Varnish is both a wood stain and a varnish finish in one. Its unique gel formulation maintains a consistent blend of stain and varnish throughout the can, so there's no mixing or...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Stain'n Varnish
Circa 1850
Stain'n Varnish
Circa 1850 Wood Bleach is a powerful two-component bleach for wood. It is formulated to remove the natural colour from bare wood, lighten the colour of stained wood, and remove the greying effect of wood that...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Wood Bleach
Circa 1850
Wood Bleach