Swing Paints

Adhesive & Glue Removers

Circa 1850 Bio DeGluer is an environmentally safe alternative to harsh chemicals,strong acids and caustics. Removes old, hardened adhesives and mastics from underlinoleum, tile and wood. Non-flammable. No...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Bio DeGluer
Circa 1850
Bio DeGluer
Swing Wallpaper Remover removes wallpaper and paste residue form any surface. The concentrate makes enough for 30L. Penetrates quickly. Swing<br>Wallpaper Remover
Wallpaper Remover
Circa 1850 Super DeGooper quickly removes glues, stickers, inks, tar, lipstick, polish, gum, dried latex paint and much, much more. For use on plastic,wood, metal, glass, vinyl, brick, fiberglass, and most fabrics. Circa 1850<br>Super DeGooper
Circa 1850
Super DeGooper
Klenk's Contact Cement Cleaner thins and cleans contact cement.It dissolves dried adhesives, and cleans tools and brushes. Klenk's<br>Contact Cement Cleaner
Contact Cement Cleaner