Swing Paints


Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil provides a beautiful hand-rubbed finish while protecting wood against spills and stains. It is recommended for use on all interior wood surfaces - including paneling, woodwork,...READ MORE Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil
Circa 1850
Antique Danish Oil
Quick Polish is a silicone based, wax free polish. It will not build up or smear. Use Quick Polish for a fast, efficient spray on - wipe off finish. It is an excellent regular use polish for modern surfaces. Antiquax Quick Polish
Quick Polish
Antiquax Lavender Paste Wax Polish is a superior blend of waxes including beeswax and carnuaba with the fragrant scent of lavender. It has been specially formulated to resist finger marking and to penetrate and...READ MORE Antiquax Lavender Wax
Lavender Wax
Antiquax Leather Cream cleans and protects your leather. The oils in Leather Cream feed the grain to keep the fibres supple and restore the natural oils lost due to drying effects and exposure to...READ MORE Antiquax Leather Cream
Leather Cream
Antiquax Silver Polish is an easy to use, effective polish with a special non abrasive action to minimise surface wear. It has excellent anti-tarnish properties ensuring long life for your silver surfaces. Antiquax Silver Polish
Silver Polish