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Circa 1850<br>Stripping for Dummies
Circa 1850 Stripping for Dummies

Circa 1850 Stripping Kit for DUMMIES contains all the items that you need to successfully complete your stripping project. Each kit contains: Circa 1850 Furniture Stripper - 1L size Circa 1850 Stripping Gloves - medium size Circa 1850 Maple Scraper - 2-inch size Circa 1850 Finishing Pads - medium grade (2) Circa 1850 Pure Bristle Stripping Brush Circa 1850 Detail Stripping Tool Detailed instructions AVAILABLE AT SELECTED HOME HARDWARE STORES


Contents may be under pressure. Place rag over cover and open slowly. If container is warm, cool prior to opening. Do not use near open flame. Avoid working in direct sunlight or wind. Wear Circa 1850 Stripping Gloves and protective eyewear and work in a well ventilated area. Protect work area with polyethylene or foil sheet. Pour some stripper into a foil or metal container. Brush a generous coat onto 0.1 - 0.4 m 2 (1 - 4 ft 2 ) of surface and let stand for a few minutes or until paint blisters. Keep area being stripped completely saturated with stripper. If stripper dries out, reapply to reactivate. Remove softened finish using the paint brush or a scraper. Use Circa 1850 Maple Scraper to avoid gouging wood surfaces. If finish is exceptionally thick and some residue remains, repeat the procedure. Remove finish residue with Circa 1850 Stripping Pad or steel wool dipped in remover. Allow surface to dry. Sand wood surfaces lightly prior to staining or refinishing. For exterior use or vertical surfaces use Circa 1850 Heavy Body Paint &amp; Varnish Remover.

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